Girl Talk: Smuggling Peanuts

My next post was supposed to be about Kendall Jenner. Those of you that follow me on Pinterest know I’m obsessed with Kendall Jenner, but I’ve decided I’ll disclose the depths of my obsession another day. Today, I’m focusing on “Smuggling Peanuts”. Let’s see how this (one sided) conversation goes….

Bras are a wonderful thing, they provide support like nothing else can. But somewhere between the underwire, sloppy straps and two to three (itchy) hooks at the back (or in front as the case may be), bras can be pretty discomforting! Guys don’t appreciate how easy they have it.

Last week I got talking to Taiwo and Wura about “Smuggling Peanuts” and while Wura refrained from taking a stance it was simply “unacceptable” to Taiwo. Recently, I’ve noticed more and more ladies ditch the support of a bra and although I’d rather one less care in this world, I guess I’d MUCH rather my “twins” were never the topic of discussion.

Freedom or orderliness? Support or nature’s gravity? To smuggle or not to smuggle?

A penny for your thoughts.

Kendall Jenner

Source: Pop Crunch


Ps: I usually find it easy to fall asleep. The second my head hits the pillow, I’m out. Last night, I struggled *sigh*

Pps: The thought of moving away for a bit is becoming more and more enthralling…..



A couple of Fridays ago, I stopped by at Taiwo’s office after work and to no surprise, I found her office relatively empty. I know about 90% of the staff at her office so was a little surprised to come across an unfamiliar face. Okey had just joined that week and I could tell from the look on his face that he was just as surprised to meet a “Taiwo look-alike” as I was  to see a new face on the team.

In line with your typical Friday “dress down” Okey had on no tie, but a white shirt,  smart blazer and one of my favourite men’s accessories, a pocket square. Naturally, it instantly caught my attention and rude as it may be, I had him take it out for my close inspection.

The fabric was tightly woven in a torquoise blue and complementary gold weft stitch accompanied by a black undertone. It was effortlessly folded in a loose pyramid and stuck out with all the flair of a pretentious aristocrat, I loved it! It reminded me a lot of a contemporary take on the “aso-oke” often worn at Yoruba traditional weddings.

After my close (and somewhat rude) inspection, I quickly got to know that Okey’s pocket square was actually made by his own brand (side hustle as we like to call in in Nigeria), Afrochristic. It turns out Afrochristic is not just a one-trick pony, they do a few male and female accessories. Can’t wait to find out what else they have in store.

Below are pictures of Okey’s Afrochristic pocket square, isn’t it just handsome!



For orders/enquiries, contact Okey: BAOkere[at]


Ps: Please forgive the picture quality, I don’t exactly carry an SLR to work lol.

PPs: I love how I’m getting into men’s fashion, was never really my thing.

8 Simple Rules

Every morning I’m doomed with the same fate. I can never assemble an outfit that will make my heart smile. I have a certain standard which I uphold for my own egotistic reasons and every time I fall below par it aggravates me. For this reason, I have put together ‘8 Simple Rules’ governing my wardrobe in the event of every morning’s disaster, who knows they might come in handy for the Christmas season:

  1. Biggie Smalls (LOL, I didn’t know what else to call it): Proportion perfection is easy as long as you know it. And it really is just this, if your top is baggy, your bottoms should be fitted, or vice versa. That way you establish some kind of outfit equilibrium.
  2. The One Show: Only one part of the body should be on show at any given time. I’m talking about the legs, the boobs and the midriff! After all a micro mini with a strapless top screams floozy!
  3. The reinvention: A dress hasn’t always got to be a dress. It can be a skirt or a blouse; it depends on what you put over it really.
  4. Take Care: You should always take care of your clothes. If the directions read dry clean, do just that. If it reads hand wash, take the time out to hand wash. That way, they last. As Taiwo rightly advised, the one rule of jeans is to wash them when they smell! Washing them too often will ruin them.
  5. Play with your clothes: I’ve constantly got my sleeves folded or ruched up. Same with my trousers and leggings. Sometimes I even cut buttons off and attach my own, or I tie my shirt up a little. Do whatever suits you, have fun!
  6. If all else fails, ACCESSORISE: This especially works for the office. Luckily my mum makes jewellery so I have more than enough necklaces to wear. But you could also pair killer heels with a bland dress, or even accessorise with your hair styles and red lipstick.
  7. Simplicity is the ultimate elegance: When in doubt, keep it simple! Otherwise, it becomes too much and you go from understated chic to wardrobe malfunction in the blink of an eye.
  8. Always wear a smile: As cliché as this sounds it’s true a smile is the perfect accessory.

Having said all of this, it still takes forever to get ready in the morning. Maybe I consider too much, maybe I’ve got it all wrong! I’m sure there are people out there that have their own guiding principles, feel free to share. I’m very interested.



Ps: These guiding principles are subject to alteration at my discretion 😛

PPs: Who knows maybe one day I’ll write a book on one of these topics. LOL

Fiery Red Corporate Chic

If ever there was a way to start the week, it would be in the colour red. Be it a hint of Chanel’s Rouge Coco swiped across your lips or a red power dress boldly but tastefully worn, red bears a history of fiery power and unimpeded dominance which is set to put your week in your own hands.

With waist length box braids and corporate black accessories, Laitan is set to start her week in all the professional glamour that accompanies an amazing week. Below is a picture of her in fiery red corporate Chic, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Ps: I loved the necklace my Mum made for the giveaway so much that I kept it. Lol. I’ll get her to make another one for you guys. I promise.